Crowns and bridges
- Porcelain

Crowns are the ideal solution for when the tooth is extremely damaged and cannot be restored using amalgam or resin. It can be made of porcelain with or without a metallic base, or gold.

Generally, crowns are used for:
- Teeth that have previously undergone a root canal;
- Repairing broken teeth;
- Covering teeth that have large fillings;
- Correcting the shape, colour, poor positioning, and occlusion of certain teeth.

Certain equipment now provides the option to create custom ceramic crowns on the spot at the dentist’s office. However, before the crown can be placed, a root canal treatment may be necessary to install a pivot to hold it in.

The lifespan of a crown depends on:
- How damaged the tooth is;
- The quality's support of the bone and the gum;
- Materials used;
- How the crown comes into contact with other teeth.

In addition, the patient’s aesthetic requirements (cosmetic dentistry) can affect the lifespan of a crown.