Prevention / Cleaning

During your first visit to the clinic, a complete exam is an essential part of ensuring that you maintain proper oral health. Performed by the dentist and dental hygienist, the exam serves to identify any anomalies inside your mouth and adjacent structures, evaluate prostheses, and even detect certain cancers. It includes intraoral and panoramic X-rays. Following the complete examination, we can create a treatment plan adapted to your needs and expectations. Our staff will be happy to provide all the explanations you need and answer any questions you may have.

In order to keep your file up-to-date, we will generally perform routine examinations during your follow-up appointments, which occasionally require certain X-rays to be redone. We recommend undergoing a complete exam every 5 years to anticipate and prevent possible changes.

The frequency of your cleanings will be determined by the hygienist and dentist during your first appointment. Cleanings help eliminate plaque and tartar deposits on your teeth that can adversely affect your dental health and stain your teeth. During these appointments, we will also discuss hygiene techniques that are adapted to your oral condition.