Tooth restoration

These days, there are many dental materials available, and it’s important to understand their properties to create durable, aesthetic restorations.
When a small portion of your tooth is affected, the chosen restoration technique is generally composite. A highly aesthetic option, it can also be used to correct or improve your smile.

If the necessary restorations are more extensive – such as excessive wear, a dental fracture, a large cavity, or a desire to change an amalgam-based restoration to something more aesthetic – we will suggest other materials with enhanced physical properties.
Porcelain is frequently used for crowns, inlays, and bridges. It provides exceptional durability, and is the most aesthetic form of restoration by far.

In some cases, gold is the best material for a restoration. Frequently suggested for cases of extreme wear, this material perfectly adapts to the shape of the tooth and prevents the abnormal tooth from experiencing abnormal wear.